AI Technology evaluates car parts in Nissan

AI Technology is increasingly invading the automotive industry and this is also the case with the car parts where the rapid diversification and digitization of all production systems, promotes innovation and provides new opportunities to provide added value to the customer.

Led by Yoshinori Sato, a team of Nissan engineers has been working, since 2018, on ways to introduce cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies into car manufacturing in Japan.

As a result of these efforts, there is an inspection scanner, capable of evaluating various auto parts with an accuracy of 99.995%, and which was put into operation at Nissan’s Oppama plant. It uses machine learning to evaluate new images, in relation to the stored data, then making smart quality control decisions.

All of this happens when there are still many voices stating that it is unlikely to rely fully on machine learning to produce accurate results. They don’t really trust AI, with the margin of error being large. The Team of the Japanese company addressed these concerns and upon application, managed to obtain a patent in Japan for the system of evaluation of spare parts.

At the same time, the team conducted extensive initial tests, at at least 1,000 units for each car component the system would control, while project leaders traveled to the UK for further study.

It is a fact that cars are becoming smarter, more connected, more advanced, as new state-of-the-art technologies and armament options are added to an already extensive range of standard features.


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