AMD: Warns of gaming delays with Windows 11

While Windows 11 has begun to be commercially launched globally, AMD notes that there may be 15% lags in gaming. AMD even gave an official briefing on this issue.

The performance of systems that have AMD processors and install Windows 11 can drop by up to 15%, according to AMD’s official update. To remedy the situation, AMD has an upgrade package ready, which is estimated to come in late October, but AMD has yet to give a clear timeline for when it will make it available to the public of its product users.

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AMD specializes in the effects of using Windows 11 by reducing 15% in the performance of a system used for esports, or by reducing a system’s performance to specific applications by 5% without AMD naming them. AMD notes that the delays are cache-related after windows 11 installation.

The issue, according to AMD, arises in processors that have fewer than eight cores and not in all models, namely the Ryzen 2000, Ryzen 3000, Ryzen 5000, Threadripper 2000 and Threadripper 3000 models.


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