Android 11 issue solved with the latest update

An annoying Android 11 issue has been solved with the latest October fix from Google. The error affected users of the Android 11 version who tried to switch to the application switcher.

Specifically, instead of opening the screen of recent apps with one finger up and holding down the startup program, there was only one disappointing bounce effect. And slipping and holding an app had strange effects like showing the app by zooming out on a blank wallpaper without other recent apps.

Screen problems with recent apps seem to appear on Pixel devices running Android 11, up to and including pixel 2. Some Android Police managed to fix it by locking and unlocking the device, but generally, it won’t return to normal until the system restarts.

Android 11 issue has been solved

Other users report that the screen of recent apps appears, but not before it freezes for a few minutes. The stable version of Android 11 was released last month. From chaotic media controllers to the screen of recent buggy apps, this hasn’t been great for its release.

But, this could be a new initiative of Google’s Digital Prosperity team that aimed to make us put down our phones, but that can hardly be the case because the October Pixel update release notes show that it has been repaired.


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