Android 12 : Advanced auto-hibernate feature for apps

Users in XDA-Developers have discovered an advanced auto-hibernate function in a version of the new Android 12. A similar function exists on Android 11 where it is called “auto revoke permissions”, according to which all permissions given to an application are revoked if it has not been used for a long time.

So if an app hasn’t been used for two months android 12 will be able to revoke all licenses given for that app. Also, with the new advanced auto-hibernate feature, in addition to revoking licenses, the operating system will put the application to idle (hibernation) and erase all temporary files related to the application. This of course means that space is released into the device.

This auto-hibernate feature is located within the “Unused Apps > Settings > Apps. As you can see in the picture above showing what will happen if an app stays unused for a few months. An earlier specific function said ‘automatic revocation of licences’, now it mentions ‘removal of licences and freeing up space’.

Due to the fact that this feature was found within a leaked Android 12 build, it is not yet clear whether it is something that is simply being tested or will be included in the future version of Android.


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