Android 12 : Some new changes to notifications

Soon Android 12 will find its way to integration into Smartphones as it will contain new changes as well as some minor improvements to notifications. These are certainly not drastic changes, but Google makes sure that some features are fixed for an even better user experience, and we see this in the latest version of Android 12 DP3.

Of course, the redesign of cards in terms of notifications does not have many changes, but focuses mainly on the numbering of notifications. For example, in the Android 11 version, if we have more than one notification from an app, a number will appear in the lower-right corner of the stacked notifications.

In version 12, however, this counter has been moved to the upper-right corner next to the notification deployment arrow. Also the color of the number indicator is related to the color of the app icon. With this change we have not only visual improvement but also functional since it frees up space to preview the text within the notification.

Also as is common, the changes we see in developer previews may change or not be adopted at all in the final version. This will be known in a few months, when Android 12 will be officially unveiled by Google.


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