Android 13 – How to set System Equalizer

Android 13 in Samsung’s UI 5.0 also has System Equalizer built in so that the user has the ability to “play” with the sound quality since some settings are available.

In the video that follows from the YouTube channel Capturever you can watch how to switch to Equalizer mode and what possibilities there are in terms of music genres.

So there are two methods to deal with Equalizer. In the first one go to settings and select ‘sound and vibration’ then select ‘Sound quality and effects’ then select ‘Equalizer’ and make the necessary changes.

There are several ready-made options such as Rock, jazz, pop, classic and more, as well as you can make your own adjustment to customize the sound to your own preferences.

As is normal you are not going for some … let’s say ‘professional audio enhancement tool’ but chances are you’ll see several changes in sound quality for the better of course.

On the other hand, in the Play Store there are many and more special applications to improve the quality of music since they provide too many options in the settings. In a later report we will look at one of the most popular apps.

Video from YouTube channel Capturever

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