Android apps on Windows 11? all is possible

The advent of the ability to bring Android apps to Windows 11 may be delayed, but with Waydroid it might happen. The creators of Waydroid consider this to be the next logical step in the evolution of their platform.

Waydroid is open source software, which has the ability to install Android applications on a Linux distribution, regardless of whether it concerns a PC or a smartphone. With the help of Windows Subsystem for Linux, a similar feature could be added to a system running Windows 11 and even faster than expected compared to Microsoft’s plans.

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Android apps on Windows 11? all is possible

Microsoft is developing Windows Subsystem for Android, which will have a similar usage logic to Susystem for Linux, but has made it clear that it is not ready for its availability to the general public at the same time as the launch of Windows 11 in early October. Waydroid’s solution is estimated to provide a solution, and it’s worth noting that it can run on Windows 10 as well, and not just windows 11.

The creators of Waydroid stress, however, that their software is in the development phase and cannot be considered complete.


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