Android TV will allow installation of apps via smartphone

As one Reddit user found, the Play Store on Android now supports remote application installation on any device with Android TV. While it was possible to promote apps on Chromecast over the web, this is the first time it can be done via smartphone as well.

The way is similar to that of the Wear OS apps in the Play Store, something we also saw earlier in the year. This is a new way of installing applications coming to offer even greater choice and access to content.

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Thanks to additional images from yet another Reddit user, we get an image from the UI when the app is installed on various devices. If the app is already installed on the mobile, play store will provide a link to forward it to an Android TV device.

If it is already installed on the Android TV device, the installation button is shown for local installation on the mobile, while if it is installed on both devices (TV and mobile), it appears installed on all devices.

As it seems, this is an update on Google’s part, as for the time being not all smartphones have access to this feature.


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