Apple: Alarm for immediate security vacuum correction

A serious security vacuum has been discovered on Apple ecosystem, with the company talking about a serious threat. The solution is to upgrade the operating system of the device.

The security gap has the code name CVE-2021-30807 which in itself means nothing, but it is a vacuum, which can allow a third party to take advantage of the IOMobileFrameBuffer, which performs some basic settings on the device screen.

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Apple: Alarm for immediate security vacuum correction

Thus, it is very likely that in this way, a malicious user can gain administrator-level access to the Apple device and grant access rights to malicious programs, without the legal owner of an iPhone or Mac knowing.

The solution is to make the appropriate update on the computer or mobile. Thus, on the iPhone, following the path Settings > General > Software Update, one can download iOS 14.7.1, while on a Mac it is enough to follow the route Apple menu > System Preferred > Software Update and from there choose to download macOS 11.5.1.


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