Apple foldable devices not far away from the market

It is very likely that we will see Apple’s first foldable devices relatively soon since according to information from Taiwanese DigiTimes the Apple is very likely to have asked LG to develop a foldable screen for a future Apple device.

Also according to the same information, LG’s technical department currently only works for Apple and not for another manufacturer. Of course, under no circumstances has anything been confirmed concerning future iPhones, i.e. whether they will be foldable and whether they will have LG’s OLED panel.

Also no one knows if the company will turn to another manufacturer when the design process is complete. It was recently revealed that Apple wants to launch a foldable phone by 2023 where it will also support apple pencil. On the other hand, however, companies such as Samsung Motorola and Huawei will be some years ahead of foldable devices, but this may not be the case if the company with, logo the bitten apple, build something that is extremely competitive.

tfo Note :

Everything indicates that the folding device market will probably dominate in the near future and perhaps that is why we are hearing the specific rumours that are very likely to be true. Apple we believe that maybe it’s planning to produce something on the market not just to exist but to make a big sence of it. In any case, a new technology or a new device always been a global news one for this company.


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