Apple is in negotiations with Hyundai Motor Group ?

Apple is in negotiations with Hyundai Motor Group according to Korean website Korea Economic Daily. The U.S. computer and mobile phone giant is rumored to be planning to work with the South Korean vehicle maker.

The purpose of the alleged cooperation will be for the production of electric vehicles and the development of batteries due to the huge costs required by electrical technology and the necessary production facilities.

Of course, all this is still speculation since, as the word “negotiations” states, the Korean website does not mean that both sides have reached an agreement. So it would not be unlikely that Apple’s plans would change, but in recent times many rumors have spread that Apple was looking to work with a third-party manufacturer to produce the Apple car.

On the other hand, Bloomberg reports that the Apple car project is still at a very early stage and even more so when we talk about producing it. In fact, it is said that Apple’s new car is so far away that it will take at least up to 7 years to see it on the roads.

Following reports made by the Korean website, Hyundai initially confirmed that it was in discussions with Apple but shortly afterwards revised its statement, leaving aside the US company.


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