Apple : Mammoth Fine 1.1 billion euros from France

A mammoth fine on Apple by French authorities quotes Reuters as punishment for unfair competition practices in the product distribution network.

The French Competition Authority fined the US giant €1.1 billion, even noting that it is the largest it has ever imposed on any company. The President of the Authority said the fine came after Apple discovered very specific practices for distributing its products, but excluding iPhones.

According to her, Apple had an agreement with the wholesalers and the result was to prevent its competitors from using certain distribution channels. Apple also did not allow premium resellers to price on its products.

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Finally, Apple found itself exploiting the reliance on its own resellers from its products, depriving them of the available merchandise during launches, while “normally supplying” its Apple Stores and other retailers.

This fine was the second in a month for Apple by the French authorities, after that of €25 million for artificially reducing the performance of older iPhones models, which was also punished in the US, paying compensation $500 million. to its customers.

Apple will appeal against that decision.


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