Apple reduces the production of iPhone 13

According to a new Bloomberg report, Apple is likely to reduce projected production targets for the iPhone 13 family of devices for 2021 by up to 10 million units. This is due to the prolonged shortages of chips, which affect the company’s range of smartphones.

Originally Apple was expected to build 90 million units from the various models of the iPhone 13 family by the end of the year, but now it will have to lower its target and hope to produce about 80 million units. Units.

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This number is lower in part because Broadcom and Texas Instruments (TI) can’t deliver enough components on time. Apple buys display chips from TI, while Broadcom is a supplier of various wireless connectivity components. The main issue with the TI has to do with a chip involving the OLED display, but Apple also faces component shortages from other vendors as well.

So far, Apple’s power in the industry has managed to keep it relatively unaffected by the lack of chips. The main manufacturers have warned that demand will continue to exceed supply throughout the next year and possibly even beyond, so it is not a situation that will improve anytime soon.


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