Apple ‘threatens’ game development according to Microsoft

An epic conflict is expected to break out between Epic Games and Apple and all indications are that it may spread like wildfire in the tech world

Recently a big confrontation took place between Epic Games and Apple and somewhere there comes and Microsoft. So far there are not a few tech companies that have agreed to the move of Epic Games and the creation of the online movement: #FreeFortnite. Recently, Epic found another “ally” as Microsoft officially joined its side.

Apple’s decision to cut off access and support to Unreal Engine (August 28th is about to happen) and iOS development tools could only not hurt Microsoft, which sees the issue from a game development perspective.

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Without support for Unreal Engine many of Microsoft’s projects and games will face serious problems in the future, bringing many game developers (including studios) who work with Microsoft to a competitive disadvantage.

Such a move on apple’s part not only raises questions about the functionality of all titles in the App Store ecosystem that rely on Unreal Engine, but also security, as the lack of updates may lead to an increase in hacking incidents.

The only thing that is certain is that we are facing a multi-billion conflict of interest and the result of which cannot be ruled out to change the face of the gaming and technology industry forever.


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