Apple Throttling Again – iPhone 12, XS and more

Apple, a few years ago, was accused of throttling the iPhone 6 and 6s phones and, as it turned out, it was true. Back in 2016, many had complained that their devices were being turned off. Some have accused Apple of doing so for the sole purpose of selling new iPhone devices.

As it turned out afterwards, some devices had worn-out batteries, so when the processor performed a demanding process, the phone turned off. So with iOS 1.2.1 Apple was throttling the CPU to prevent an iPhone’s battery from continuing to try to fully power the CPU. Following the release of this update, accidental deactivations decreased by about 80%.

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However, the issue is back in the news, as Spain’s consumer protection authority accuses Apple of throttling even recent models such as the iPhone 12. More specifically, the categories relate to the iPhone 12, iPhone XS, iPhone 8 and iPhone 11 models.

Authorities have already sent a letter to Apple asking it to find a way to compensate users. If he doesn’t, he’ll be taken to court again.


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