Apple’s responsibility for the situation in the messaging

Last Saturday, Android boss Hiroshi Lockheimer accused Apple of using pressure and bullying to sell products, shortly after the arrival of a Wall Street Journal report that revealed how young people in America have turned Apple’s iMessage into a status symbol that locks Android users out.

But now Lockheimer is taking a less aggressive stance, stressing specifically: we are not asking Apple to make iMessage available on Android. We ask Apple to support RCS in iMessage, just as it supports the older SMS/MMS standards.

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By not integrating RCS, Apple is holding back the industry and user experience not only for Android users but also for its own customers,

Why it does, it is clear from the emails that were leaked in Epic’s lawsuit against Apple. I’m worried that iMessage on Android will only serve to remove a barrier for families who have iPhones and who give their kids Android phones.

We need to make them dependent on Apple products, Graig Federighi said in 2013 in emails published.


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