Artificial intelligence that understands your psychological state

Fujitsu’s artificial intelligence technology is capable of recognizing complex emotions, such as confusion, or anger, through the analysis of many parameters, taking into account even the faces that a man can do.

Fujitsu believes that it has developed technology that can more effectively identify emotions, analyzing data that responds to 8 basic emotional situations, such as anger, pleasure, fear, disgust, joy, Sadness, neutrality and surprise.

The technology has connected to a database specific facial movements with given emotional situations. Artificial intelligence undertakes to make a series of combinations in order to better understand the feelings of the people with whom it interacts.

Artificial intelligence

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The Fujitsu technology can make even images taken at an angle to be perceived by the machine as enface images. This is estimated to save time on the machine, while allowing more information to be pumped from a given image.

Scientists believe that the technology they have presented can find a very despicable number of applications and uses. Accuracy in the detection of emotional status by the machine with Fujitsu technology is estimated to reach 81%, which could be considered as a record, if one considers that the corresponding technology developed by the Microsoft has a success of about 60%.

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