Camera Test : Mi 11 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max video

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and the iPhone 12 Pro Max are two mobile flagships with impressive features but also the cameras they have promise amazing shots in photography or video. In the video below you can see a comparative test of the performance of the cameras of the two flagships. The photos and shots were carried out during the day and at night.

As mentioned in the video, the Mi 11 Ultra has an amazing set of cameras where the main camera has the impressive resolution at 50 megapixels. There are also telephoto and ultra-wide cameras and as you can also see a small screen next to them.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max so far is characterized as the leading point-and-shoot mobile cameras on the market and with only 12 Megapixel (only??) main camera, 12 MP Ultrawide & 12 MP 2.5x Telephoto manages and gives amazing results in photography and video. The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra has many similar features compared to the Xiaomi Mi 11 except of course the camera.

However, the results are very impressive and with Xiaomi’s latest creation, it is expected that it will trouble the top in the field of photography but will it manage to overtake the iPhone 12 ?

Video from YouTube channel Frankie Tech

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