Discord began to be added to PlayStation consoles

Discord has now officially been introduced into PlayStation consoles, specifically PS4 and PS5. All you have to do is connect your Discord account to that of your console, and you’re ready for infinite chatting with your friends.

I would also like to inform you that there may be some problems with your connection or you still don’t even see the choice of Discord because it is introduced on the consoles gradually.

Again, it was good that it arrived even late because it was a bit tiring to have the mobile/PC on the one hand and the console on the other to be able to talk beyond the PlayStation Party.

The two sides had made an official announcement of cooperation for about 8 months and the integration of the communication platform began Monday in the US, slowly moving on to other markets. Players who connect their Discord account to the console will be able to share their activity and get in touch with others.

They can also set up to be found by their friends via Discord ID and vice versa, and this will allow direct communication for games that offer simultaneous action on PC and PS4/PS5.


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