Dual-folding smartphone from Samsung this year?

Samsung this year is very likely to launch a Dual-folding smartphone reportedly from Nikkei Asia. In another report made last December it is heard that 4 folding models will be released this year but a rollable one will be included. Probably the last one will be Dual-folding.

For some time now patents have been registered showing that a similar model with a double hinge would be released. But now, for the first time, something more and more is being heard about this device. The most likely scenario is to release the Samsung Dual-folding smartphone towards the end of the year after it is still in development.

Of course there are no more details as specific sources mention but probably Samsung wants an ergonomic design so that when the screen unfolds there is a ratio of 16:9 or 18:9. These screen ratios will give games and apps a big advantage to run smoothly. For example, Fold 2 has a 25:9 screen ratio when it’s rolled out, and this gives Developers more time to work making the necessary adjustments to the apps.

According to analyst Jeff Pu, Samsung sold about 3.5 million foldable phones last year, with forecasts for 7.5 million devices this year.


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