Error in Windows 10 2004 for connected monitors

Microsoft confirmed for the problem that affects external monitor after the windows 10 2004 version and is working to resolve the problem in a future version of the operating system

A new error in Windows 10 2004 confirmed by Microsoft and concerns the connected monitors. Specifically, the error blackens the external monitor when users design within Office applications. The new screen error, detected by Bleeping Computer, has not been added to the Windows Health Control Panel.

But microsoft pointed out that if you have a device running windows 10 2004 with a built-in monitor (such as laptop or tablet) and a connected external monitor that has set up your main monitor to play, you may see that both screens flicker and the external screen turns black when you try to draw using an office app , such as Word.

 Windows 10 2004 monitors

This can also happen with some other applications used for design, such as Whiteboard. If you check in to Device Manager, your graphics controller will have a warning icon next to it (a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark on it). The positive is that you can restore an external monitor after restarting the device.

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But the negative is that Microsoft has not offered a time frame for a possible correction of this error. Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in The Windows 10 2004 version and is working to resolve the problem in a future version of the operating system. The external screen problem is added to all the problems that have been discovered since Microsoft released windows 10 2004.

Immediately after the release of the Windows 10 2004 version, Microsoft confirmed many driver incompatibility problems, despite the additional six months spent testing the new version before its release. Microsoft has yet to block the installation of Windows 10 2004 on its own Surface devices, although Tero Alhonen reported Monday that its Surface Pro 4 had received the update.

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