Experimental mRNA vaccine for HIV by Moderna

Testing for its experimental HIV vaccine based on mRNA technology is already starting today, August 19, by Moderna, as it received approval in the US.

The Phase 1 trial reportedly includes 56 healthy adults aged 18 to 50 who are not sick with HIV and will test the safety of the vaccine while also seeking a basic immune response.

The vaccine candidate is functionally similar to the mRNA system that was so successful in Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine.

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For years, researchers have been exploring the potential of mRNA vaccines, but the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for Covid-19 are the first to be used in humans, and both have been shown to be safe and widely successful in preventing and reducing the severity of SARS-Co-2 infection.

Moderna will test two versions of its new vaccine candidate, officially called mRNA-1644 (the variant is known as mRNA-1644v2-Core). This is the first mRNA vaccine against HIV to be tested on humans.

There will be four groups as part of the trial – two that receive a mixture from the vaccine versions and two receive one or the other.

At this early stage, the trial is not “blind,” which means that everyone who receives the vaccine will know what they are getting. That’s because right now researchers aren’t trying to figure out how well the vaccine works. This first phase will take about 10 months and they just want to make sure it’s safe.

If the vaccine passes this phase, they will still have to go through phase 2 and 3 trials to determine how well they work in preventing HIV infection in the wider population.

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