F1 Games 1979-2021 : Watch the spectacular evolution

F1 Games always fascinate Gamers everywhere since In general Formula 1 is a sport that is particularly popular worldwide. In the first attempts of Developers in the evolution of these games, and given the lack of capable Hardware, the graphics of F1 games were not particularly impressive.

If we move to the distant (for computer technology) 1979 we see that the graphics of the games Gran Trak 10 and Sprint 2 are quite limited since they consist of some dots that form the race track but also a race car to look like a simple symbol.

POLE POSITION was launched in 1982 and was one of the most exciting F1 games since for its time it had impressive graphics as well as qualifying lap. The track was the Fuji and you had to not go out or crash with other car, so some basically were in place. The title also had a sequel (Pole Position II).

Formula ONE GRAND PRIX is also regarded as the sport’s first simulator released in 1992. At the time it was a revolution, even if it did not have official permission. 3D graphics, detail in design, racing physics and control of the car with an obvious willingness to make things more realistic, up to very basic settings (gearbox, wing, tires)

In the video below you can see the impressive course of F1 video games from 1979 to 2021

Video from YouTube channel Game Evolutions

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