Facebook and RayBan create the first smart glasses

The smart glasses from Facebook, called “Ray-Ban Stories”, will be available in 20 different styles and with a starting price of $299. According to Reuters and the New York Times, they allow users to listen to music and podcasts, answer phone calls, take photos and videos, and share them with other Facebook users with the help of an accompanying app.

The glasses have two cameras, two tiny speakers, three microphones and a Snapdragon microprocessor. They are charged via a USB-C cable in about six hours and, for their use, they need to be logged into a Facebook account.

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The owner of the glasses can share the content with others and they can take up to 35 videos of 30 seconds or 500 photos, which are then uploaded wirelessly to the accompanying application, which encrypts them. Then, through Facebook View, the owner of the glasses can share this content with others. Photos can also be stored on the user’s phone outside of the dedicated Facebook app.

Facebook has made large investments in the field of virtual and augmented reality – virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR) respectively. His chief scientist had said last year that the company is five to ten years away from bringing to market “real” AR glasses, which will showcase virtual objects on the real world.

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that the company is working on creating a common virtual environment (metaverse), which will succeed today’s internet. As he said, “smart” glasses will be an indispensable tool for such a development.

Glasses also include an optional Facebook Assistant that allows the user to take photos and videos with them only with voice commands. Facebook also made it known that no online ads will be displayed through glasses.


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