Facebook employees salaries reach up to $360k per year

Facebook is trying to keep employees happy and satisfied with their earnings. That’s why Mark Zuckerberg tries to make working conditions as pleasant as possible and keep his employees’ wages at fairly high levels.

Both because of the big brand and the earnings they offer. A large part of them, therefore, revealed the revealing report made by Business Insider, publishing the money that … play according to the specialty.

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As you can easily understand from the list below, the money looks pretty, but other factors have to be put into the equation, such as pressure, work rates, high housing and security costs

According to this publication, a agency director can make $330,000 a year, while an engineering director can get $30,000.

Data scientist: $100,000 to $258,390
Software engineer: $118,000 to $270,000
Data engineer: $100,000 to $233,353
Research scientist: $150,000 to $280,000
Production engineer: $118,000 to $242,768
Analytics lead: $168,000 to $200,970
Product designer: $105,000 to $221,189
Front-end engineer: $118,000 to $225,000
Security engineer: $110,000 to 185,562
Global partnerships lead: $198,808
Executive communications manager: $230,145 to $267,300
Content strategist: $121,000 to $179,340
Creative strategist: $265,537
Copywriter: $169,038
UX researcher: $120,000 to $181,149


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