Facebook : Huge leak of personal data

A huge leak of personal data from Facebook over the weekend revealed security experts and even the numbers are impressive since about half a billion Facebook users have been exposed. Affected personal data is such as names, phone numbers, birthday dates and addresses.

Facebook says this massive leak comes from a security gap where it was detected in 2019 but has already been fixed. Facebook, however, does not help at all to find out if their data has been included in the breach.

From this huge leak of personal data it is estimated that a total of 533 million accounts were affected but only 2.5 million of these accounts contained emails in personal information. HaveIBeenPwned creator and security expert said on Twitter that he is considering whether to add phone numbers to his hasibeenpwned.com.

Facebook : Huge leak

It is not yet known whether Facebook will prepare a special tool to be able to check whether someone’s account is among those affected, however for those who want to consider this with the currently available tools and data, there is the haveibeenpwned.com website, where you can put your email and find out if it is among the leaked data.


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