Fake vaccination certificates sold on eBay

With pandemic not yet over, an incident involving with fake vaccination certificates became known in the US where they were sold via an eBay account. Some, apparently taking advantage of the situation with the pandemic, apply transactions that lead to fraud on the basis of the corovirus which takes place online.

So more than 100 fake vaccination certificates were sold from an eBay account within two weeks in the US. Usually by paying a small amount equivalent to something less than $10 someone could buy a fake CDC vaccination certificate.

This certifies that at least one dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine has been received. The risks of this are many, as the fake vaccinated person can travel, or move freely, which can be fatal if he becomes asymptomatic and circulates freely, without restrictions.

On the other hand, authorities in America are asking eBay and other platforms where similar incidents have been observed to be very careful and should make as much effort as possible to limit these incidents. Also, fraud with fake vaccination certificates becomes even more dangerous if one takes into account the fact that many operators in the US do not have the ability to check the databases of vaccinated citizens collected by the CDC.


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