Fine to Apple for lack of charger in iPhone 12

A fine was imposed on Apple by the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil since as you know the new iPhone 12 does not include a charger in its packaging. Tilt and MacRumors say consumer protection agency Procon-SP has been fined about $1.92 million because Apple has not put a charger in the package and this particular move violates Brazilian consumer goods regulations.

Procon-SP warned Apple of its move in December. Apple responded with its well-known narrative on environmental protection, arguing that it would reduce CO2 emissions and extract metals from the earth. The American company pointed out that many customers already have chargers. The service was clearly not satisfied with the responses it received and when the fine was imposed, the head of the Procon-SP service said That Apple should respect the laws of Brazil.

This fine also has some other implications since it covers misleading claims regarding the waterproofing of the device. This results from the fact that Apple appears to have refused to repair an iPhone where they have been damaged due to moisture even though the device was still inside the warranty. The company can also appeal if it continues to disagree with this decision.

Now we don’t really know how much affect this particular fine will be imposed on the company since compared to Apple’s revenue is too small. But the company may have no choice but to back down if it wants to continue selling iPhones in Brazil.


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