First decontamination robots have been taken to EU hospitals

The first robots for decontamination patient chambers were purchased by the European Union in order to limit the spread of the pandemic. These robots were placed at the end of last week in two Slovenian hospitals.

A further 29 decontamination robots will also be sent to hospitals from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Lithuania, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

These robots can disinfect a patient ward in as few as 10 minutes using ultraviolet radiation. Also with one charge they can serve more than 18 chambers. This move will make a drastic contribution to staff as they will no longer be exposed to various risks.

The use of robotic machines is a perfectly safe process since they do not use any chemical disinfectants or various other chemicals. The robot is relatively easy to use and can be done remotely via a mobile app. For this reason, when disinfection is carried out, it is not necessary to have personnel present since they can be handled safely outside the room.

It was the Danish company UVD Robots that had won before the relevant tender for the supply of robotic machines.


Photo Source: Twitter/European Commission

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