Fix when the iPhone won’t restoring in Recovery Mode

What should you do if your iPhone won’t be restoring in Recovery Mode? It is a fact that even the top smartphones can cause various problems related to their software so that you find yourself at a difficult time so you can not find the solution.

Fortunately, however, the internet proves to be a very good tool for these problems and some solutions can be tested by iPhone users when their device stubbornly refuses to revert to recovery mode. As you can see in the video below, many users who have this problem use iTunes to restore or update the iPhone.

But what happens when the whole process seems to stuck? Is there a risk that you will lose all your data forever if it is not reset? But the only thing that is certain is that there is no need for panic since there are solutions and even this can be implemented by almost everyone.

The first solution does not need a computer and you need to force restart your iPhone. In this case the iPhone 12 was used and see below in the video what steps you need to take to solve the problem.

Video from YouTube channel TenorshareOfficial

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