Galaxy Z Fold 2 Teardown : Looks mach better!

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 was recently unveiled by Samsung and of course teardown wouldn’t take long. The Z Fold 2 is the second generation of the foldable Galaxy Z Fold where it is improved almost everywhere. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2’s external display is equipped with 6.2″ panels and 7.6″ ultra thin glass-protected panels are used internally.

Something new that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 is to set up the appearance of the device. In fact, it will be possible to select different colors in places, such as the folding mechanism. Samsung has also stood by the software, which allows users to take full advantage of the capabilities of a foldable screen.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 teardown

In the video below from YouTube channel iFixit, you can see another Teardown from Samsung’s “fresh” foldable mobile. What is he expected to discover internally? has big changes compared to the first generation?

Description from video :

One year after Samsung kick started the folding phone trend with the Galaxy Fold, we’ve got our hands on its first second-gen foldable: the Z Fold 2. It already looks and feels much better than last year’s Fold, and we haven’t even opened it yet! Hopefully these improvements extend to the inside and to the repairability. One thing’s for sure, an accessible repair manual from Samsung has already boosted this device’s score over previous generations. Let’s get inside and see what other changes Samsung has made.

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