Gamers are very prone on electronic eavesdropping

Gamers are very prone to falling victim to hacking since according to a Kaspersky global survey more than 1 in 10 Gamers has been the victim of ID theft.

The survey was carried out by Savanta in November 2020 and was intended to examine global gaming for 2020. According to the survey of 5,031 gamers from 17 countries, a 1/5 have been bullied during the game. The highest percentages are found in Russia 44% followed by Saudi Arabia Turkey and the USA.

Kaspersky offers seven ways to be as secure as possible while playing online:

1. Purchase from official sources

Always buy PC games either from well-known platforms such as Steam and GOG, or from official developer websites.

2. Save smartly

Official shops often offer significant discounts or even free games. However, many email offers can be a scam – go to the developer’s or store’s website to see if the discount is mentioned there – if not, it’s not real.

3. Check the return policy

Before you buy, learn the store rules for returning a game you don’t like or that doesn’t work on your computer.

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4. Use a special card for online shopping

Instead of linking a card to all your savings, take a debit card for online purchases and fill it out as needed. This way, if hackers enter a website you’re using, they won’t earn much.

5. Use a secure connection

We recommend that you connect to online stores only from home – having properly secured your home network.

6. Protect your accounts

Protect your Steam and account and any social media profiles you use to sign in toy stores (but don’t use social media accounts to sign in elsewhere if you can avoid it).

7. Protect your devices

Computers, smartphones, and tablets you use for games also need protection. A reliable solution like Kaspersky Security Cloud blocks false websites and malware, provides alerts for security issues, and, contrary to misperception, does not destroy the game. The Gaming Mode you’ll find in modern security solutions is automatically activated when you play in full-screen mode.


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