Greek company brings first disinfection robot to market

RobotSafe™, the first disinfection robot comes to market and is of Greek design and implementation. Gizelis Robotics has built an innovative, autonomous robot with cloud technology to neutralize microbes, viruses, bacteria and, as the company states, among them the recent Covid-19 virus where it has affected humanity almost universally.

It is not only the cutting-edge technology that has been developed for the operation of this robot that is surprising. In any case, Gizelis Robotics has distinguished itself among the top 5 robotics start-ups in the world for industrial applications.. It is, more importantly, the speed, adaptability and efficiency with which the well-known Greek company responds to the country’s greatest challenge in recent decades.

 first disinfection robot
RobotSafe™, the first disinfection robot

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A technological innovation that can be exploited in sanitary, industrial, corporate areas, factories, airports, hotels, industries… Places that support the backbone of modern civilization, especially at this difficult time and have more than ever, the need to “equip” in the face of the pandemic. It’s these important steps that are being taken that give us the precious feeling that together we can make it.


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