Harmony OS reached 70 million active users

Active users of Harmony OS have now reached a population of 70 million, and the next update is just around the corner. According to Huawei’s planning more than 100 models will be able to accept it.

It is worth noting that the milestone of 70 million users has been achieved in three months from the first moment of the launch of Harmony OS, something that several analysts point out. From April one could use Harmony OS, while the first batch for the new operating system became available on June 2.

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Right now, Harmony OS is available on some devices, but the information wants the use to be expanded to at least 100 models on a global scale.

Primarily in this particular operating system one sees devices from Huawei and Honor in China, but estimates speak of an increase in the number of devices that will be able to receive Harmony OS as an upgrade package.


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