How many Apple devices are globally so far?

The announcement of Apple’s financial results shows that the population of active Apple devices is by no means small. The data shows that there are 1.8 billion active Apple devices in the world.

Apple in 2021 had a very good year based on its financial figures, as part of the announcement of which Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, gave the number of Apple’s active devices on a global scale.

The figure of 1.8 billion active devices marked by the apple was reported there, while a year ago that number was 1.65 billion devices.

How many Apple devices are globally so far?

It’s worth noting that Apple defines as active a device that has used an Apple service within the last 90 days. If we want to see it by comparison, in the ecosystem of Android devices there are 3 billion active devices, while for Windows (here we calculate together the 10 and 11) there are 1.4 billion active devices.

Also what we have to keep from all this is that the number of Apple product owners is growing and maybe in the near future we will still see more impressive numbers!


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