How new is the Apple Watch Series 7 ?

Among the products that Apple revealed at its big event was the new Apple Watch Series 7. Only, in the end, the smartwatch that was revealed had nothing to do with what we expected.

Rumors have long wanted Apple to unveil a brand new Apple Watch with a whole new design and new features. Ultimately, the product presented is largely the same as the previous model. The appearance remained the same with the screen growing a bit due to the reduction of bezels. The battery remained the same with a range of about 18 hours.

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Apple Watch Series 7

Of course, the most important discovery is that the Watch Series 7 carries the t8301 processor which, is exactly the same as that of the Series 6, which was unveiled last year.

The company even tried to hide it, as during the presentation there was no mention of it, as of course in the Apple Watch entry on Apple’s website. The confirmation came from developers, who noticed on Xcode that Apple has used exactly the same SoC!

Although using the same SoC is nothing new, in this case there was not even a differentiation of the processor, even with slightly higher frequencies. This was enough to make the rumors rage, with many claiming that something strange happened.

Apple Watch Series 7

One of the scenarios is that Apple had the redesigned model ready and held it back because of a major problem. So we ended up with the “new” Apple Watch Series 7.


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