How to fix black screen on Windows 10 after login| video

With the advent of Windows 10 the problems of the black screen when you start the computer or after the login meet quite often and many are the causes where this can cause an inconvenience to the user. If we look at it over time it is not a problem that happens only in the latest version of Windows but the same problems are encountered by older versions such as Windows 8.1 and so on.

In the video below from YouTube channel Wondershare Recovery Data Recovery, you can see what are the causes of the black screen in Windows 10 and what solutions you can apply to solve this problem.

So how to fix black screen on Windows 10 after login ? There are several factors that can affect your computer by having Windows 10 as an operating system such as some drivers where they are not up to date with the latest version and can cause conflict in the computer’s software. Windows 10 also has a highly developed recovery system to restore Windows 10 to full mode in a variety of ways.

Hardware can also play an important role when there is a problem in Windows 10, and every possible connection should be checked to rule out the Hardware cause for potential problems. But you can see more details in the video below to solve your potential questions.

Video from YouTube channel Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery

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