How to protect your eyes when working on the computer

Eyes protection during eight hours of working on a computer is extremely important in order to avoid future vision health problems.

On average, our eyes make about 30,000 movements. Our eyes are negatively affected by improper lighting and improperly configured image parameters. What to do to optimally protect our eyes?
– The optimal distance of the screen from the face should be 40–75 cm
– the center of the screen should be 10–22 cm under the eyes

The flicker of the screen negatively affects vision, which is related to frequency. The minimum frequency without flickering is 75 Hz, but it is better to increase it to 80-85 Hz.

Outdoor lighting, font, colors

The reflections that appear on the screen worsen visibility and tire vision, so it’s worth eliminating them. When working in front of a screen, it is best to blunt the light sources, and the correct font size is at least 4 points more than the smallest size you can read.
In addition, you can use the zoom function, e.g. at the width of the page, which is less tedious for the eyes. It is good to use simple fonts, they are easier to read.

How to protect your eyes when working on the computer

It is necessary to take care of the optimal contrast and the image and try not to change it, it is better to avoid the black background with bright letters.

The use of additional colors tires vision, since colored light is sometimes refracted in the lens of the eyes. We react to the color blue as if the object had been enlarged and to the red color as if it were distant. The eye must correct this difference using additional muscles, which cause strain on the eyes.

Hygiene at work

It’s worth taking even short breaks from looking at the screen. It is good to escape from your desk, look out the window, focus your eyes on distant objects. Work on the computer dries the eyes. This can be treated if someone blinks frequently or closes your eyes for at least a short time.

Exercises for the eyes

If we spend a lot of time at the computer, the adaptation of the eye (the ability to see objects at different distances) deteriorates, and the muscles of the eyes become less flexible and weaker. From time to time, you should look away from the screen and look in different directions at the distance. You can close your eyes and cover your eyes with your hands, look in the darkness – then the organ of vision rests. Another way to relax your eyes is to look at a special three-dimensional image (stereogram).


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