How to solve Xiaomi’s MIUI Anti-Flicker Mode

How to make your Xiaomi mobile while it was working just fine and without crashes, suddenly it started not responding to some applications, to work again without problems? Xiaomi in MIUI settings offers an important setting that has to do with the screen, but one that does not warn users that it may make their device slower.

The setting is none other than the “Anti-Flicker Mode” located in the options on the screen in the settings menu. The predefined option of this feature is disabled, but it is very likely that many users have it enabled, since there is no warning.

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The Anti-Flicker mode essentially helps the rate of refresh of the screen when it is in low light so that it is more relaxing in the eyes. Personally I can’t say I saw any difference by activating it, but it may have helped other users.

Either way, by activating Anti-Flick, the device automatically becomes slightly slower, while some applications like Chrome and beyond show large lags and drop frames. If you have Anti-Flicker turned on turn it off and it is very likely that you will see a difference in the performance of the smartphone.

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