How to tell if your phone hacked by Pegasus spyware

Surely not everyone can find out if the phone was hacked by some dangerous spyware but according to information security experts, at least 50,000 devices have been “infected” around the world by Pegasus.

This number does not seem particularly high, but Pegasus is very dangerous and allows you to gain full control of a smartphone, secretly read mail, trap phone conversations, access photos and videos.

Popular and well-known antivirus programs cannot detect Pegasus, as malware exploits vulnerabilities that are unknown to developers of antivirus operating systems and applications.

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Amnesty International has developed a utility that allows you to identify this malware. It is called MVT (Mobile Verification Toolkit) and its source code is available on GitHub. The MVT utility is compatible with Android and iOS, but there are no easy solutions for quickly installing the app. It must be compiled for each specific device, which can only be done on a computer running Linux or macOS.

The utility stores a backup of smartphone data on the computer, scans all data, and checks whether the device is infected with Pegasus spyware, and informs the user if the information from their device could be compromised and transferred to third parties.

This utility, in particular, scans transfer logs -there are likely to be infection indicators (information about sending call history, SMS, instant messages, and other data to a remote server).

In iOS, these logs are stored more than on Android, so it’s much easier to locate Pegasus spyware on an iPhone. Given the complexity of using MVT, this utility is recommended only for users with technological knowledge or those suspected of being tracked through Pegasus, as Forbes writes.

Although the Pegasus case has made “headlines” recently, hundreds of other spying apps continue to be used silently and spy on their victims. Many programs operate in a gray area in which they are presented as parental control or other legitimate applications.

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