Huge improvements coming from Apple on iPhone, iPad

Apple with the new iOS 14 operating system makes big changes to the home screen of the iPhone and iPad.

Changes in huge dimensions Apple brings to the iPhone and iPad. the new iOS 14 operating system will make the iPhone’s home screen unrecognizable (in the good sense of the term!). Apple is making sweeping changes to iPhone and iPad and anyone who has an iPhone will see big improvements, at such a level that it will impress users.

This is what Apple promised by introducing the new iOS 14 operating system at its established WWDC 2020 conference. And the changes will come within the year. The greatest of all? All these widgets you can place on the home screen, as if apple watch apps have invaded the iPhone’s home screen.

The change is so great that it drastically transforms the appearance of the smartphone. These apps will come in different shapes and sizes, so the user has more content and home screen data. If someone wants more widgets, they can add them through Widget Gallery.

apple iPhone and iPad

Apple first unveiled the new iOS 14, its operating system for the iPhone, launching the biggest change in years. The widgets. Which you could of course see with today’s data, But Apple is now bringing them to Home screen, next to the apps. There will also be a Smart Stack widget in a short time, which will automatically display relevant apps based on the time of day.

The new iOS 14 will show videos above the apps and you’ll be able to adjust their size. Another new feature, App Clip, will allow quick and easy access to apps without having to download them. Apple also seems to be saying the big “yes” to its users’ appeals so they can define their own email and browsers of their preference, although it did not give us more details here.

Siri is getting a new look with its own function icon, and iOS will have its own built-in translation app, like Google Translate, allowing easy translation between 11 languages. But the biggest news beyond the new operating systems is the fact that Apple is moving forward in building its own processors! At the end of the year. So will release the new Mac, wearing Apple chips.


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