Hyundai invests billions of dollars in hydrogen

The new technology in “green” vehicles is also hydrogen but it has several obstacles to face, but the huge investments of leading manufacturers show that there is a future. Hyundai, for example, reveals its plan to build two new factories that in total will cost it $1.1 billion, according to the first data.

These plants will produce hydrogen-powered fuel cell systems and estimate to start operations in the second half of 2023. With production at normal levels, they want to make 100,000 fuel cells annually.

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Hyundai in hydrogen

This is how the Hyundai group will acquire in its arsenal the greatest power to produce fuel cells and there is no doubt that it will dominate the next day of motoring, if hydrogen finds its way to widespread use in our daily vehicles.

Hyundai, however, does not intend to use its new factories only for production cars. Construction machinery and logistics facility equipment will be able to use hydrogen to draw energy. Besides, the company has already revealed hydrogen-powered forklifts, making sure that in the future it will bring to the market more constructions with the same technology.


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