Intel develops computer with AI that can be smelling

The new technology that Intel is developing is about how a computer with AI will be able to recognize what a special sensor is smelling. For this reason, a special algorithm was developed, based on the biological signals used by the human sense of smell.

Intel, for this purpose, works closely with researchers at cornell University, placing the function of this algorithm on the company’s first neuromorphic chip, called Loihi. It is an integrated circuit based on the architecture of 14 nm, with 130,000 virtual neurons and 130 million synapses.

Neuromorphic chips are creations of Computer Science and Computer Architecture, based on the human brain. The efforts of scientists is to create processes that resemble those performed and a brain of an animal or even human.

Intel research has shown that this cannot in any way be considered easy. There is a complex smell mechanism in mammals, with a variety of sensors and special connections in the brain. This specificity contains great challenges.

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The element of memory should be added to all this complex mechanism, since the human brain has the ability to store smell information in order to recognize something that smells later.

So endowing AI with the possibility of odour recognition is not that simple, but Intel believes that the AI of the future is not excluded from making widespread use of neuromorphic technology.


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