iOS 14 : What is the pink dots that sometimes appears ?

In the last iOS 14 sporadically makes the appearance of a pink dots at the top of the screen, but what is it? For many years now a large percentage of users believe that their mobile phone can hear them! Of course you will say after it has Mic, but who gave him (on the mobile) permission to do it ?

Although most of us are not used to paying the slightest attention to the small letters of the disclaimer that accompanies each application (before downloading it to our mobile), there may still be a reference to… microphone. So we observe the phenomenon to give access to applications, so that they make use not only of the microphone, but also of the camera of our device!

Apple came up with a very simple way to let us know at any time whether an app is using our iPhone’s microphone. More specifically, after installing the new iOS 14 update, it will display a small orange dot at the top of your device in the status bar, which will inform the iPhone user whether their microphone or camera is being used!

iOS 14 pink dots

Of course, if you’re used to running popular apps (such as Snapchat or TikTok), this indicator doesn’t really matter (since you know in advance that the microphone or camera will be used).

However, the important thing is that this feature will be able to inform us about the applications running on our iPhone and we don’t… know! Once the orange dot appears, all you have to do is go to your device’s Control Center, and that’s where you’ll see the apps that use your microphone or camera.


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