iPad mini : Will it be replaced by a new iPhablet?

iPad mini is very likely to be replaced by a new iPhone model according to information coming from sources on the internet. Apple is said to be considering replacing the iPad with a larger iPhone. This is the result of some rumours, but for the time being they have not been confirmed by the American company.

This information indicates that the new iPhone will have a foldable screen and will also support the operation of a Stylus. Apple’s new device is likely to have a 7.3 or 7.6-inch screen and will be able to be used extensively by a Stylus similar to the one Apple pencil has.

According to rumors, the time disclosure of the device where they want Apple to present the iPhablet is also determined somewhere in early 2023.
Of course, it’s too early to determine what the company’s real plans are, but Apple’s decision to stop producing the iPad mini puts a lot of thought into the American company’s plans.

tfo Note :

Sometimes the rumors come true but sometimes not since probably no one knows what’s going on in the research and development department of the American company. On the other hand, the evolution of a smartphone with a folding screen seems very realistic and there is the potential of these devices to steal a huge share of tablets since they will be able to combine the features of two devices into one.


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