iPadOS 15 apps will have access to more RAM

It seems that Apple with iPadOS 15 will change tactics in terms of managing the RAM that apps have access to.

Apple’s iPad Pro with the M1 chip built in is a really powerful tablet, but for some reason, it was discovered that Apple allowed apps to access up to 5GB of RAM. This means that even with the iPad Pro’s 16GB of RAM, apps can only take advantage of a third of it at a time, which was a bit frustrating as it could unlock the door to much more features.

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iPadOS 15 apps

But because the company found that their choice was wrong, it seems that with iPadOS 15 it will change tactics. With the upcoming release of the update, Apple will give developers the option to allow their apps to access more than 5GB of RAM. According to Apple, these changes will allow developers to “let the system know that some of your app’s core features may perform better, exceeding the default app memory limit on supported devices.”

It’s obvious that Apple always intended to raise the limit, but waited for the iPadOS 15 to do so. That’s because before the new iPad Pro, Apple’s iPads were only accompanied with 6-8GB of RAM, so actually limiting apps to 5GB made sense.


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