iPhone 12 case-Less condition after 5 Months | video

How can the iPhone 12 pro be in Case-Less Condition and after five months of use? Usually for most the choice of a case for the mobile phone can be life-saving after a big fall but also from the consequences of daily use of the phone.

Modern mobile phones are an integral part of people’s daily lives, he almost always spends many hours sending messages, photographing, surfing the internet, playing games, using smart apps, updating and more.

Today’s smartphones have huge screens are relatively heavy and some models very fragile in scratches, not only of the screen but also of the peripheral metal or plastic frame they have. In fact, there is no shortage of cases where we often see smartphones in very bad shape after a few months of use.

iPhone 12 case-Less

In the video below from Jared Ramirez’s YouTube channel, you can see an iPhone 12 Pro in what condition it is in after five months of use and without involving a protection case. As you can see there are many scratches under the phone where in some cases they are very serious. But more can be seen in the video below.

Description from YouTube channel Jared Ramirez :

iPhone 12 Pro Case-Less Condition – 5 Months Later… in this video i show you what my iPhone 12 Pro looks like after 5 months of use… pretty scary lol is your phone worse than mine? do you wear a case?

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