iPhone 12 vs Galaxy S21 : Which battery will die first ?

The iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21 from Samsung belong to the category of top flagship mobiles with impressive performance but also a price that is not for the masses.

The batteries of smartphones are the Achilles heel since the big screen replaced the front keys that had the older mobiles as well as the very small screens. Older mobile phones also did not have high energy requirements as they did not have a powerful CPU and in combination with the small screen that showed only the necessities their battery could withstand in some cases up to two weeks of use.

In the video below from YouTube channel UltimateiDeviceVids, you can see a comparative test on batteries from the flagship smartphones Samsung Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12. Of course the test was carried out with the battery at 100% but the screens of both mobiles were adjusted so that they have the same brightness.

Both devices had the latest update of their operating system as well as new batteries since they were officially revealed relatively recently anyway. The Galaxy S21 has a snapdragon processor but both ran the same apps, games and more.

At the beginning of the test the iPhone 12 prevails over the S21 since it consumes less battery, but what happens next? See more details in the video below.

Video from YouTube channel UltimateiDeviceVids

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