iPhone 13 Pro: How to ensure it is in “macro mode”

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Mac have good cameras, one of the best you can have on a mobile. The new iPhones also have a new feature that Apple has never offered before: Macro Mode that allows photos up close – just 2 inches!– and recognizes objects that are almost not visible to the naked eye. Your pet’s incredibly thin fur, leaf veins, sub-layers of your computer screen are now recognizable by the camera.

However Apple does not give a macro mode button, it is automatic. When you bring your phone 10 centimeters from an object, it automatically switches to the ultra-wide-lying lens. This seemed quite annoying to some users. That’s why Apple allowed auto-switching macros to be turned off in IOS 15.1.

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But if you do this, and then manually switch to the ultra-wide-wide lens, you won’t get that close by default. But how is macro mode used?



Again, the operation is automatic. You don’t need a button, you just have to get close to your phone near the object, so close until it blurs. Then remove a little, until the image is cleaned. To be sure, remove enough so that the square of the auto-focus appears. Hold firmly from this distance (with both hands better, the tripod is ideal) and take the photo. This is the procedure, unless you disable the feature.

If you didn’t like this feature, you can turn it off and turn it on so you want it with IOS 15.1. You open the settings, select the Camera app and you will find the Auto Macro button to disable and activate.

We hope Apple will get a button for this job soon, as there is a button to switch to an ultra-wide camera by pressing “0.5”. You can also take macro photos and with the function turned off, it just won’t be that close.

Choose the ultra-wide lens and follow the same instructions we mentioned earlier. Go near the object, then a while back and hold firmly. The auto-focus will do its job, just not as well as with the automatic macro mode mode.

You can also “mock” the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max to give you the same result as a simple zoom. Apple revealed to The Verge that the auto-macro mode removes 3 megapixels from a 12-megapixel photo, which is then upgraded to 12 megapixels again, with an additional edit. Therefore, if you want to imitate the same jump from a 13mm field of view to a 26mm field of view, just hold down the “0.5” x button and drag the zoom wheel to zoom in at about 0.9x magnification.


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