iPhone 13 Pro: New benchmarks appear on Geekbench

The iPhone 13 Pro makes its appearance in the first benchmark tests and we get a good picture of its performance. The evidence shows that there is a clear performance improvement over the iPhone 12 Pro.

One of the strengths of the iPhone 13 Pro remains the A15 processor, which Apple talked about a lot in its California Streaming event. All models of the iPhone 13 have the A15 Bionic inside, but there are big differences in relation to the performance of the GPU.

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Geekbench’s benchmarks tested the A15 processor with the five-core GPU, which is located inside the Pro and Pro Max models. The result of the 13 Pro’s 14216 units compared to the 9123 units of the iPhone 12 Pro shows a huge improvement for the better for the new model.

The setup inside the iPhone 13 Pro is geared towards speed, as the fast processor, with its GPU and 6 GB of RAM makes Apple talk about one of the fastest chips on the market in the world of smartphones.


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